200 Club

The Lee CC 200 Club

The club must generate much more money if it is to survive. One of our main income generating  schemes (apart from the bar) is the 200 Club in which we would like you and your friends to participate. In essence, it a ongoing raffle in which draws are made every month for cash prizes. So please join in. It will cost you just £2 per month and last year generated over £700 for club funds


The rules are as follows:

1.    Individual numbers between 1 and 200 may be purchased for a monthly payment of £2.

2.    Payment is to be made by standing order between the 1st and the 10th of the month or by cheque annually in advance at £24 per number.

3.    There will be a monthly draw.

4.    The draw will be made by Amanda Quinn, supported by members of the Lee CC Committee.

5.    50% of the total monthly takings will be paid as prize money (see below).

6.    Prize money will be paid by cheque after the draw.

7.    Any disputes will be resolved by the Lee CC Chairman.

8.    An individual may acquire as many numbers as they like.

9.    Results will be published on the website. If you wish for anonymity when you win a prize, this will be respected and your name will be withheld.

Monthly Draw
If all 200 numbers are sold @ £2 then total takings each month will be : £400

The prize money for each month would be 50% of £400 = £200

Allocated :
1st Prize 60% = £120

2nd Prize 30% = £60

3rd Prize 10% = £20

NB : The prizes will be reduced pro-rata to the numbers sold.

The 50% of the takings retained by the TLCC will be applied for the benefit of The Lee Cricket Club. The 200 Club forms an integral part of the Cricket Club’s fundraising activities and it is hoped it will be strongly supported.

Contact Amanda Quinn to provide you with all the details to buy a number and get set up – NOW

Print a 200 Club Application form